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Our History at the General Store

Our History at the General Store

The Upper Beaconsfield General Store has a long history of serving the local community, dating back to 1927.  From hardware and garden supplies to pet and stock feed, there has always been ‘something for everyone’.

It’s always been a family run business, and today it is no different.  JD, Steph and their 3 boys are the current custodians, but many have gone before them.  The business has always been local, and today we focus on being local, servicing and supporting the local community and beyond.

Our Mission Statement

We want to provide the locals and visitors to Upper Beaconsfield somewhere to meet, feel good and get the things they need, locally.  We will be something our staff & our community can be proud of, engaged with local community groups and always finding ways to make our community a better place. 

The History of the Upper Beaconsfield General Store

1927 John Nathan builds a General Store to replace a burnt down McBride Road Store. This business was known as the General Store in Beaconsfield Upper, and sat opposite the Old Post Office on the corner of Salisbury Road. The site was later the family home of Keith Ewenson and his family (whom the park across the road is now named after). Source: Village Bell Issue 10 1980 Upper Beaconsfield History


1929 John Nathan built a new store on the current location of the Upper Beaconsfield General Store, after the old one burnt down. The new store front officially opened in 1930. Source: Village Bell Issue 10 1980

1938 The Loveridges Family, who held the Mitre 10 on Kangan Drive in Berwick, purchased the General Store and operated it for 40 years as Loveridges General Store. Source: Pakenham Gazette Village Bell Issue 9 1979


1979 George & Ann Decelis start managing the business on behalf of the Loveridges, with an option to purchase the business from the Loveridges. (Possibly in partnership with Ron & Liz Ellis). Source: Village Bell Issue 59 1987

1980 The option is exercised to purchase the General Store from Loveridges, and it is renamed to Beaconsfield Upper General Store (or BUGS affectionately). Source: Village Bell Issue 10 1980


1983 The Ash Wednesday Fires destroyed the Beaconsfield Upper General Store in February of 1983, along with many surrounding homes and businesses. George & Ann understood how important the General Store was to the local community, and quickly re-established the business. They built the current building, opening for trade from it on the 12th of September 1983, just 7 months after the fires hit. Source: Village Bell Issue 34 1983  Village Bell Issue 59 1987


1987 Laurie & Sandra Fenton purchase the business. Source: Village Bell Issue 185 2011

1996 Brenda & Doug Field purchase the business. Source: Village Bell Issue 112 1996

1999 John Adamson & Scott Hathaway enter a partnership, along with their families to purchase the business. Source: Village Bell Issue 128 1999

2011 Gail and Mark Kelly purchase the business. Source: Village Bell Issue 185 2011

2020 After completing a year long lap of Australia by car and caravan, JD, Steph & their 3 boys return home to Upper Beaconsfield.  After spending quality time together travelling as a family, they wanted to find a way to live and work locally.  The opportunity to invest in the Upper Beaconsfield General Store was one too good to pass up.